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Press Release: 2019 Special Meeting of the P-D-R – FAIRification of External Data

2019 P-D-R Workshop
FAIRification of External Data: Breaking down the Data Silos



When? Tuesday 21st May (10.00 BST) to Wednesday 22nd May 2019 (13.30 BST).

Where? Heathrow Marriott Hotel, Bath Road, Hayes UB3 5AN, U.K.

Who? Anyone with an interest in the FAIRification of external data.

Why? The principles of FAIR data underpin digital transformation.

What? Exploratory workshop to learn, discuss and debate.

How? Combine thought leaders, cross industry professionals & data providers.


  1. Licensing: How can we develop fit-for-purpose licenses to enable the re-use of data for machines and humans alike? How do the FAIR principles support this change?
  2. Integration & Ontologies: How can we create a sharing culture which standardises meta-data, integrates ontologies and embraces new consumer trends such as mobile, voice and images? What part can FAIR play to accelerate this?
  3. Technologies & Architecture: With so many choices for data storage & management such as federated systems and cloud solutions, how does FAIR help? How is this different for validated systems (e.g. clinical data)?


Janssen / IMI Fairplus: Herman Van Vlijmen
University of Oxford: Philippe Rocca-Serra
European Bioinformatics Institute: Tony Burdett
Clarivate Analytics: Nadia Anwar
GoFAIR: Erik Schultes
Genomics England: Will Spooner


Springer Nature:Iain Hrynaszkiewicz
Copyright Clearance Center:Robin Bramley & Mike Iarrobino
Crossref:Rachel Lammey
Scibite:Jane Lomax
APH Research Institute:Ronald Cornet
Digital Science:Mark Hahnel
Elsevier:Jabe Wilson


We also have an interactive poster session including contributions from Bayer, CCC, Crossref, Digital Science, GSK, JInfo, Scibite, Springer Nature.


£319 includes conference fee, all meals + 1 night’s accommodation. Please register by 30th April 2019 at the latest. Click here to register.

For additional night(s) accommodation (bed & breakfast) at £152 per night. Please email

The day rate will be the same as full conference fee including accommodation (£319). Please email if you want to do this.

Helen Malone, Director, Information Hub, GSK and President, P-D-R